Letter from the
Founder & President

Author - Dwayne Johnson

Posted 10/30/2020

Dwayne Johnson - Founder and President

Dwayne Johnson
D.M.Johnson & Co, Inc
1029 View St, Suite 101
Victoria, BC V8V 0C9

My name is Dwayne Johnson and I am the founder, president, and CEO of D.M Johnson & Co., Inc. I’d like to take this opportunity to not only welcome you to our news centre but also introduce myself.

As a former key marketing director of the Aegon subsidiary World Financial Group and a 10-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, D.M Johnson & Co., Inc. (“D.M Johnson”) is an extension of my dedication to diligence, leadership, versatility, and growth.

Headquartered in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, we specialize in providing growth strategies and stock control for a variety of industries. In addition, our executive management team oversees the decisions and day-to-day operations of our wholly-owned subsidiaries: since D.M Johnson’s inception in August 2019, our current portfolio proudly consists of Pure Body Health, a health and wellness centre located in Victoria’s downtown core; Resolution Way, a virtual shopping centre that provides shoppers with access to their favourite retailers; and, last but not least, 3408 Technologies, a new tech company that focuses on offering high-quality technology-based services.

I invite you to take a look at our current portfolio to learn more about our subsidiaries, as well as stay informed on our mergers, acquisitions, and launches. Please feel free to contact me at 779-977-3493 or info@dmjohnson.ca with any inquiries for D.M Johnson or our subsidiaries.

Thank you for your time; hope to hear from you soon.


Dwayne Johnson
Founder, President and CEO
D.M.Johnson & Co, Inc